Debatable Choir

The Debatable Choir is thinking of recording a CD. If we did, and sold them at more or less cost, would you buy one?

P.S. If you already answered this question on Facebook, please skip it here. I'd like to get a rough guess at the interest.

FWIW, here are some videos from a recent concert. Acoustics weren't good but you get the idea:


Back in the Olden Days

This morning on the AEthelmearc list, THL Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh posted a link to a video of a feature TV story on the SCA that was recorded at a Crown Tourney in Concordia of the Snows in 1988. For those who aren't on that list, here's the link.

She says this is part one of four and the rest will be posted as she has time.

diablu in particular will want to watch this, as the opening sequence has him and his late wife Anna standing beside the reporter.

As such things go, it's not bad. A little banal as you would expect, though at least so far the reporter hasn't made outright fun of us. There are typical misspellings - "midevil," really? But for the most part the interviewees were reasonably well-spoken, though I do wish Queen Katherine hadn't bashed medieval food... 

As usual, it's sweet and a little bittersweet to look at images of our younger selves.
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Egypt in flames

I have been watching Al-Jazeera English's live reports of the riots in Egypt over the Internet. They claim 50,000 protesters are marching in Cairo, 80,000 in a southern city (I missed the name) ([EDIT] apparently Suez, so not southern, eastern) and similar numbers in Alexandria. Mubarak's ruling party HQ is on fire and no one is trying to put it out, which has people worried for the nearby National Museum. Protesters are overturning and torching police vehicles, and the police are completely overwhelmed. Mubarak announced a nation-wide curfew but it's being ignored. The military have now entered the cities, but protesters are purportedly welcoming the military in Alexandria. If it's true, and the military is siding with the protesters, then Mubarak is done for. Nobel Laureate Mohammed El-Baradei is under house arrest after being hit by a water cannon during protests earlier today.

Al-Jazeera now reports an unconfirmed story that the military is clashing with police in Cairo, which would seem to confirm the premise that the military is siding with the protesters..

This revolution looks very real, and has the feel to me of past successful revolutions. It has the potential for an enormous shift in the politics of the Middle East, especially when combined the the unrest in other countries including Tunisia, Algeria and Yemen. 

Me too...

As with everyone else, please do not cross-post from my LJ anywhere else. I have a Facebook account, where I post little inconsequential stuff and never, ever, use my children's real names or other identifiers. I also never, ever post anything about my job or much of my personal life.  LJ is where I post longer, more thoughtful stuff. Both my LJ and FB accounts have the highest security levels on them, and I like it that way.


Pennsic Meme

1. Where are you camping?
N10, Polyhymnia, a subset of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands in the middle of the Serengetti. Gate on Cariadoc's Path between Brewer's and Chandler

2. When are you arriving?
Saturday for Land Grab, then going home and returning (with the second load of stuff!) on Sunday Land Grab. There to stay from then on, except for occasional trips home to feed the cats and do laundry.

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Marshalling youth combat for the first time, serving as a Pennsic University Ambassador, singing in the Debatable Choir concert (Monday Aug. 9 at 8 pm, be there!) and possibly the Pennsic Choir, shooting the Archery War Points, working the AEthelmearc Royal hospitality table for a few shifts, and teaching a calligraphy class on how to fix mistakes on scrolls.

4. What's your SCA name?
Arianna of Wynthrope